How to Import a ROS Workspace

This wiki explains the procedure for importing a ROS Workspace.


The pictures may not look identical based on version but the process flow is the same.

User Guide

Step 1

On the Welcome screen select New Project and the following screen should show.


Step 2

Under Projects select Other Projects > ROS Workspace then select Choose... and the following screen should show.


Step 3

Fill out the project information.

Field Description
Name Name of the project.
Distribution The ROS Distribution (indigo, kinetic, etc.)
Build System The desired build system.
Workspace Path The path to the workspace folder.

Step 4

Select Next and the following screen should show and select Finish .


Step 5

The project should be open look similar to the screen below.


Step 6 (Optional)

By default Qt Creator hides empty folders. In the above image you can see that the workspace src folder is not shown. Under the project filters uncheck Hide Empty Directories.